We are a Poultry focused farm located in Tzaneen Ga-Sekororo, Plot No. 32 Hlohlokwe village, Gasekororo. We sell live chickens, dressed chickens without giblets, as well as dressed chickens with giblets at an affordable prices in line with quality. Our purpose is to offer quality, fresh and tender chickens to local individuals, shisanyamas, supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and other organizations that may request our chickens. We started in a small one-room that only accommodated 200 chickens, the business by then could only afford to feed and cater for 100 chicks every week. The business then generated profit that was enough to build a structure in July 2019.
PhalMosh Poultry Farm is focusing on its development to be able to provide employment to the community and to provide chicken waste that in turn will regenerate farming. It has 3 permanent employees and 10 contract employees. The business is operating in a 1 hectare farm and looking forward to expand in egg production and livestock farming. We are targeting to employ young people who can contribute to the economy by acquiring information and start businesses with the training and skills they acquired from PhalMosh Poultry Farm. We are currently contributing slightly to our purpose of improving the standard of living in our community through provision of jobs and healthy meat production.


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Our Best Selling Chicken

Live Chicken

We offer Live Chickens to Clients who prefers them live since some clients buy for selling, Others want to keep to slaughter them at their convenient time


Slaughtered Chicken

We offer slaughtered chickens to clients who prefer them slaughtered and plucked since it will save their time

slaughtered chicken

Slaughtered and Packaged Chicken

We offer slaughtered and packaged chickens to clients who want a ready to cook chicken, and we also supply supermarkets , lodges and shisanyamas, catering companies, community etc

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