About the Founder

Mankoana Pheona Phalane is a young black entrepreneur who studied Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Psychology and furthered her studies with Honors in Criminology and Criminal Justice. She is a graduate of Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) where she studied a programme of Circle of Global Business Women (CGBW). She started the business to combat crime and come with innovative ways to create employment. She believes in investing in people and what she loves like engaging in businesses.
She started joining the savings group at the age of 15 using her social grant money to save for year-end pay-out, she continued until the cut off social grant at the age of 18. In grade 10 When she was 16 she started saving group with her friends saving R2 per day that helped them with various things that they wanted to reach at the end of every year. She was always hands-on from a young age with everything that has to do with business and that allowed her to be disciplined when it comes to money and how to manage it.
In 2016 she joined network marketing businesses. Network marketing revealed her passion for business and taught her resilience, determination, and how to sell a product. As a student in varsity, she always wanted to involve herself in programmes that changed people's lives. She worked as a peer counselor for 2 years, reaching out to students who suffer from academic, social, financial, and psychological problems and giving them relevant solutions. In 2018 she worked as a computer lab assistant which is the one she saved money to start the poultry business. She is conscious about health and food security which is the reason she pursued poultry, a source of Protein. All of the business she engaged in focused on health betterment and is her wish to provide a better standard of living to her community and every customer that buys her products.
Her three months of unemployment made her view life in different ways. It Challenged her to be the change she’s been waiting for. This is the reason she no longer worry about employment but she is concerned about expanding her business to create jobs. Giving people assurance, hope, confidence, and the opportunity to learn about food security and poultry. "Criminology and Psychology taught me to understand a problem before I attempt to solve it". Her dreams are bigger than her background and surroundings. She believes that she’s got the ability to make life easier by influencing young people to think big, go for what they believe in, and align their personality with their passion. Her wish is to Empower the hopeless and inspire young people through her works.